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Ideas, Spells, and Notes

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Whether you keep notes for future ideas, a collection of spells because you practice the dark arts (hey, very possible in this day and age), or simple reminders because you have a poor memory, having a notebook can be helpful for everyday life.

I’ve always been a fan of a notepad or journal to keep me organized and to write down memorable thoughts. I started as early as 11 years old when I first saw the show, Doug, on Nickelodeon. It became my daily release for recording events or something that was on my mind at the time. I’ve since retired the daily recordings because they became tiresome as an adult, and it was more of a chore than a way of cleansing my mind.

Still, I find myself thinking of new story ideas while I’m driving down the highway or at the grocery store. It usually gets lost if I don’t have my notebook ready or nearby. You may ask,

Why not keep it in a note on your phone?

It is a fair question. As helpful as the notes app can be at times, I hardly remember to use it, and it will slowly waste away in there if I don’t have it in plain sight. I wouldn’t write myself a note and put it in the fridge either (which smartphones slowly became with the daily clutter of apps, reminders, alerts, etc.).

Which brings me to my next helpful tip to those looking to get more organized:


This isn’t a tip for those who already have their lives figured out in their planner. I keep a separate planner as well. Notebooks are for ideas, thoughts, feelings, concepts, sketches, and anything else you find yourself continually writing down.

As a writer, I’m always thinking of something new or a fresh step towards growing my current story. Having the ability to jot down a present idea makes it easier to remember, so I do not forget it when it’s time to sit down and work. It also helps me map out more complicated concepts that would be impossible on a post-it or a phone.

For those of you who don’t write, here are some ideas for how they can be useful.


Whether it’s a Youtube Channel, product sales, or Brick and Mortar location, the expansion will always be crucial. You’re already creating something tangible with your vision, so keeping plans and designs in one portable place only makes sense for growth. Being able to doodle something quickly will keep the ideas flourishing and lead to improving something you needed to. Who knows? Maybe even redesigning your brand could start within a few pages of a book!


As messy as the world is right now, a lot of people who already struggle with mental illness or emotional trauma can face a further decline in their well being. This could be more of a diary/journal style, but merely writing it all down will be able to help track progress and see what you need for a healthier life. It’s also sometimes harder to say terrible things out loud because they are hurtful to other people, or they may be hard to face, but recording them can be therapeutic when it comes to facing those problems. As expensive as therapy and counseling can be, an alternative could be daily entries to channel those emotions.


Finding the time to sit down to draw during a regular schedule can be difficult. If you’re on the train, on the bus, on your lunch break, a notebook to quickly doodle or sketch something is an alternative to your usual drawing place. Often people are inspired while out in the world, so it would be hard to maintain that inspiration until you get home. Being able to draft out ideas, even if you prefer drawing at home, can save you the effort of trying to remember later.


As previously stated, mapping out an idea is crucial for the final product. When it comes to starting a screenplay, story, or illustration, a rough outline of where it is going will help cut second-guessing during the creative process. Your first draft will be cleaner and closer to the end goal. Starting in a notebook will contain your earlier ideas that you may not like later on as well.

This list could be a lot longer—daily lists, charts, daily entries, etc.

Creativity is an endless goal of brainstorming and editing. It’s essential to learn the process of figuring out your main idea while having many options available. A notebook is a vital step for learning consistency with the creative process.

Message me if you can think of something for when a notebook could help you (It doesn’t need to be as unique as mine, but don’t let me stop you if that’s your style!). I’d love to hear feedback from my fellow creatives!

Stay safe out there. Keep creating and doing what you’re passionate about in these trying times.


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