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Catch up, not the virus

It's pretty obvious the world is aware of the ongoing threat and spread of Coronavirus. Even if you don't watch the news (as someone who usually hates doing so), it's inevitable to understand the severity of what is going on. I'm not here to educate you on it, but it has been troublesome, to say the least.

I'm healthy as of right now. So no worries. My day job was closed because of it. I exchange film equipment with hundreds, if not thousands, of people across NYC and the far reaches of New York State. Productions began to shut down, numerous people have been diagnosed, including crew members on shows and movies that rent from my workplace. That being said, we are banned from touching gear until further notice. It's pointless to be at a place when you can't do the sole responsibility of that position.

As a creative person outside of my day job, this is a golden opportunity to catch up on work that has fallen behind schedule.

-short stories need to be edited

-writing course that I'm about a week behind on

-my website needs editing and finalizing

-leveling out the pile of movies that I haven't watched

-outlining the rest of my book

-shooting/editing my vlog



I know. Some of these aren't a priority. Some of them are means of entertainment that I have to put aside for real work. However, movies and reading are a viable inspiration that makes me sit down and crank out 500-1000 words in one sitting. That number may be bigger or smaller to others, but it's not a practical number when I have to get home from work, shower, stuff my face, and go to bed early to do it all over.

The silver lining of this unbearable pandemic is that people get to be home with their families, unwind for a little while, and be relieved that they aren't sick. My condolences to anyone who has to endure the virus, and please understand it will get better.

In the next two weeks, I'll be showing you all some cool updates. Stay tuned!

Until then, be aware of your surroundings regarding this virus. Be with your families, create something, and remember to enjoy the time off if you are stuck at home.

See you soon.


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